We may hate to admit summer is over, but cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours tell us winter is closing in. Dusting off your jacket may be all the preparation you need for old man winter, but what about your home? Here’s a fall checklist to brace your home for the cold weather ahead.

Clean eavestroughs: Once the leaves begin to fall, you’ll want to remove them and other debris from your eavestroughs and give them a good rinse.

« Your roof is designed to shed water, » says Steve Barkhouse, owner of Amsted Design/Build near Ottawa. If gutters are clogged and water can’t get away, melting snow will pool on the roof and can seep into your home.

Inspect the roof: While you’re up there cleaning the eavestroughs, inspect your roof. « Summer heat is very hard on shingles, » Barkhouse says. « A lot of people think they get damaged in the wintertime from the cold, but it’s the summer heat that makes them curl. »


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